Manhattan Garden City at Araneta CenterAllow It To Be Your PropertyThe 35-hectare Araneta Center in Cubao. Condo in Araneta Center Rent To Own Available Developed from the Araneta Family because the country’s very first leisure time and life-style elaborate while in the 1960’s, it’s now a captivating show off of city lifestyle. And the following, in the perfect five-hectare place, Manhattan Garden City debuts being an address of magnificent levels. Amenities3 high-speed elevators for each tower and 2 high-speed transfer elevatorsCommercial video arcade and bus section in thefirst floorExercising path, health and fitness section, pergola, courtyard, and garden plazaSwimming pool area and water enjoy swimming pool with landcaping sunlight outdoor patioSauna/spa daycare center and gymMeeting space and performance area


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