You can’t help but get in “holiday mode”. Firstly, the relaxed drinking laws in New Orleans allow you to walk around the streets sipping a cocktail if you want! Secondly, there is Jazz on every corner and the music is bound to put you in the mood to dance, or at least put a jig in your step and have you tapping your feet. Don’t try to fight it. Grab another cocktail and enjoy the ride. Eat and eat and eat. The local food is a mix of playful and outright delicious, from cheesecake to anything Cajun or chargrilled; beignet pastries and shrimp creole; to alligator burgers and craw fish. Try as much as you can fit in your stomach!Get a boat! A boat ride along the bayou is truly something else.Put your party shoes on! We’re not kidding. In New Orleans there is a festival or parade all year round! Could be a Jazz Fest, might be Mardi Gras – prepare to costume up and have a great time with the locals. E|Habla Travel have a 6 night journey through the region that provides you with a self-drive opportunity to take in the sights and sounds at your leisure. And our final tip – don’t go to New Orleans if you don’t want to have fun! You’ll definitely be in the wrong place.


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